Brain Cloning Technology

Artificial Intelligence is now a thing of past. We are the first company in the entire globe to invent a technology to copy human brain data into a robot. This not only includes the state of brain but also the emotional being of a human.

Football Playing


In 2011 we developed a special robot soccer team which consisted up of humanoid robots who are able to play football. 
These robots do not need any command from humans. They see the ball, other players, goal by themselves and make strategies and play football with each other 

Mind controlled Robotics

A-SET has been the first institution in India which has successfully controlled electronic devices and robots just by thoughts. The device will sense what is going on in your brain and will do everything automatically. This technology is exclusively available with A-SET

Inventor of CarboPlastic

This is a completely game changing material that can be used to make modular robotic parts with the strength of Carbon Fiber yet having the ease of designing of Plastics. As light as carbon fiber , as strong as carbon fiber yet more eaasier to manufactur than carbon fiber. 

Mind controlled Wheelchair

A-SET is the place where world's first production mind controlled Robot has been made. This wheelchair is controlled just by thinking. It has been made for people suffering from full body paralysis who cannot move at all. 

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Re-Felx Fall Safe

A game changing technology that enables a robot to have reflex actions similar to that of humans. As soon as the robots senses an eminent fall, it protects its vital components by swaying its arms and then taking the impact by using its arms as dampers. Once it has stabalized it picks itself up again. 


A-SET is the inventor of India's first completely made in India Robot. This Robot has been manufactured and designed completely in the Robotics lab of A-SET itself. Robotics lab of A-SET is presently the most advanced Robotics research facility in India.