Internet is a window to the rest of the world and we want our students to explore it. 
Our Internet Lab can be accessed by any of our students anytime during the working hours and can spend their time on internet enhancing their knowledge and virtual and social appearance. 



We have a long array of systems and devices to make students well practiced in networking. 
This lab has all the networking devices required to establish, maintain and diagnose any kind of network in a company


A-SET has India's most advanced Robotics Lab which is equipped with Humanoid Robots, Wheeled Robots, Spider Robots, Advanced Sensors & Microprocessor, Laser Sensors, Magnesium composite parts, Carbon Fiber Parts, High End LiPo Batteries any many other things

Personality Development Lab

Students not only need a good personality to crack the interview but also to become a better person, hence we have established a Personality development lab in which students personality is developed by Audio visual ways by recording his minute actions by several different cameras and showing them so that they can improve it. 
This is first of its kind lab which is only with A-SET



In A-SET's Monitor lab you will find all kinds of monitors wether it be CRT, TFT, LCD or LED. This lab also has all the equipment to diagnose the faults and to repair it.

Carbon Fiber


Carbon fiber is one of the world's most strongest material and it needs special ways to fabricate it for robots. 
​At A-SET we have set up Carbon Fiber Lab for the very first time in India. 

MotherBoard Lab

At A-SET we have one of the India's largest and most advanced Motherboard Lab having over 1000 different kinds of motherboards to practice upon dating back from 90's till the latest ones. 
Equipped with most advanced CRO's both Digital and analogue we also showcase the best in class BGA machines 


This lab has a 7 feet high commuting device which is considered as the God of storage. 
This lab has all the latest in technology EVA, NAS, DAS, Autoloader, Tape drives, RDX 
You name it and we have it. This device is heart of storage of any big institution and without this machine clouding won't be possible !

You will find this lab exclusively with A-SET 


We believe that every bright mind is a result of rigorous practical exposure  Thats why A-SET has the most advanced labs in the country