In 2008 A-SET became the first Indian institute to set up full fledged SAN Lab in their campus. This Lab was set up to give better training to our students and not only our student got training over it but even Big Multinational companies like HP sent their engineers to train them in this latest technology

DiD You

Know ?

Cloud Computing 


The technology without which none of the big industries can work


In office or at home, data is the most valuable thing around
us is data and it becomes even more important when we talk about data in

  • Banking,

  • Railways

  • Media

  • corporate offices

to store these huge data companies use storage Area Network or SAN machines. Without these machines none of the big companies can survive. To handle these huge and expensive machines companies need highly skilled technical people who make sure that the data is always intact and network is always running. That’s why the demand for the people skilled to work over SAN Machines is increasing day by day.