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In 1992 A-SET founded the Chip-Level course and became the first institute to start teaching Chip-Level training first time in India. 
This drastically reduced the cost of maintenance of computers and brought a major breakthrough. 

Chip Level Engineering


The most Powerful Computer Hardware Course Ever taught


Today most of the institutions teach students how to
assemble computers and if something goes wrong in the computer, then simply
replace that part. This training is called card level training, which is
completely useless these days. 


Today all the companies require engineers who can save the
cost by repairing that faulty part. This training is called Chip level training
in which the students know every single component of computers to the uttermost
detail and can troubleshoot every single kind of faults emerging in any kind of
computer system. A-SET is India’s first institution to start Chip Level
training and since then we are the most trusted name in Chip level. Nowadays with
the growth of I.T. industries in India more and more chip level engineers are
required in this field.