Though our teaching methodology is very simple and is easy to understand still, we give an option to every candidate to opt. for a demo class in which they can be assured about our quality and content after which they can enrol in our courses.

First Study THEN PAY !

Your Future, Our Responsibility ! Computer institute in New Delhi


Making Study simple is the most complex thing we do every single day !

Stands in the heart of New Delhi (India) we are a 22 year
old institution, which was started with the aim of eradicating unemployment
from the youth.  

At A-SET Training & Research Institute our Vision is to empower youth in the field of Information
Technology so that they not only get a good job and a better lifestyle but also
to help India in becoming a technological superpower. 

The training is given over a wide spectrum of courses, which
has a correct blend of the latest technologies, so that our students can stay
ahead in any type of job conditions.

We are well known for our advanced research and
because of this our study content is continuously revised and advanced syllabus
are added to the topics which makes our syllabus the finest in the category